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Home Church from Church St.

Home Church from Church St.

Home Moravian Church faces Church St.
The sanctuary entrance is on the northeast corner of the square.

The Festival Chorus will meet in the sanctuary, as will the advanced conducting workshop.

To the left (north) of the sanctuary is the Rondthaler building and rooms are identified as “RB.”



Rondthaler building contains the Saal (RB121) on the main floor (street level), which uses the same entrance as the Church offices. Church office is open each weekday and the front desk is staffed by a volunteer, should you have difficulty with access or a locked door.

Chamber Music will meet in the Saal and use other rooms in the second floor, RB222, RB225, RB227, and RB228 (as needed).

Unison to Part Singing, Music for the Smaller Choir, and Music for Contemporary/Blended Worship workshops will all meet in the Saal, through the week.

Women’s Vocal Technique will meet in the Sanctuary.

Lowest level is the Choir Room (RB5) and Club Room (RB4).

Handbells and Handbell workshops will meet in RB4, which we call the Club Room.

Men’s Vocal Technique will meet in RB5.

RB rear entrance and handicapped parking    RB4 and 5 entrance

CLICK for Lower Floor Plan, CE Home Church * (fellowship hall)

CLICK for Lower Floor Plan, RB Home Church * (club room, choir room)

CLICK for First Floor Plan, Home Church *

CLICK for Second Floor Plan, Home Church *

Further to the left (north) of the Rondthaler building is the Christian Education building and rooms are identified as “CE.”  



The first floor of CE will have a large meeting room for workshops CE101, and the hospitality room for the Festival CE102, with various vendors and other items in the hallway.

Advanced Conducting and Lectionary Planning workshops will meet in CE101.

The second floor of CE will be the Children’s Area: rooms CE201, 201, 203, 204, 206. Rooms CE205 and 208 may be used for workshops or other small meetings or rehearsals.

Beginning conducting workshop will be in the CE208

The third floor of CE will be the Youth Area: rooms CE301, 302, 304.

The lowest level is the Fellowship Hall and this is where the Trombone Choir and Concert Band will meet and rehearse, and this is where all will check-in on Sunday.

passage between RB and CE    Fellowship Hall entrance

RB and CE buildings may be accessed from the front or rear.

Church St HMC Parking Lot

Church St HMC Parking Lot

Reserved handicapped spaces behind the RB can accommodate about 3 cars.
Free Parking
is available in a small lot, behind the white fence, opposite the Bishop’s House, with 2 handicapped spaces.
On-street parking along Church St., Main St., Academy St., Bank St. as clearly marked.
Easiest parking is in the Elberson Fine Arts Center parking to the east of the church (no ID or stickers required).

Parking HMC


Elevator is located at the porte-cochere entrance to the CE building.
This is a good drive-through/drop-off for large instruments to Fellowship Hall.
This is also the easiest way to Fellowship Hall from the parking lot, east.

HMC Porte Cochere    Portico East Entrance    HMC Parking east    Salem FAC Parking


Archie K Davis Center

Home of the Moravian Archives and the Moravian Music Foundation

Early morning Choral Reading Sessions and the Editing and Publishing Workshop will be in the A K Davis Center in the Spaugh Recital / Lecture Hall.

AKD Ctr from Parking