Festival Workshops and their Leaders 

For the Singers and Choral Directors

Women’s Vocal Technique, with Mary Wilson (Monday and Tuesday afternoons): This two-session workshop gives you the opportunity on Tuesday to build on what you learn on Monday about healthy and beautiful singing.

Men’s Vocal Technique, with Jonathan Sidden (Monday and Tuesday afternoons): Also a two-session workshop designed to promote healthy and beautiful singing for the male voice.

For Composers, Arrangers, and Music Editors

Finale Music Software, with Jayson Snipes (Monday afternoon): An introduction to one of the two most popular music engraving software programs, led by an experienced Finale user. Jayson will also be available to answer questions one-on-one throughout the week.

Sibelius intro, with Zach Bailey (Thursday afternoon): An introduction to the other of the two most popular music engraving software programs, led by an experienced Sibelius user. Zach will be available to answer questions one-on-one throughout the week.

The Music Editing & Publishing Process, with David Blum and Gwyneth Michel (Tuesday afternoon): How does a composition go from hand-written manuscript pages in the vault to become a published piece ready for your choir? Dave Blum is an experienced music editor, working from the manuscript to the modern printed notation; and Gwyneth Michel is an experienced publications editor, bringing our “in-house” engraving to professional publication standards. Together they’ll show you the steps from old manuscript to polished publication!

For Choir Directors and Worship Planners

From Tuneful Unison to Joyful Harmony, with Lynnette Delbridge (Monday afternoon) How do we help musicians of all ages develop the skills necessary to sing joyfully in counterpoint and harmony? Drawing upon circle games, call and response songs, ostinatos, chain singing, rounds, partner songs, singing in thirds, and carefully chosen repertoire, this workshop will demonstrate a sequential approach to help your musicians develop the skills necessary to sing independently in parts. While the sample repertoire will be largely appropriate for children and youth, the principles discussed and techniques demonstrated can be applied to work with adults as well.

Music for the Smaller Choir, with Michael Westmoreland (Tuesday afternoon, repeated on Thursday afternoon): Working with a small choir – or a larger choir through lots of absences! – requires flexibility, versatility, and inventiveness, not to mention a knowledge of available repertoire. Michael Westmoreland, Director of Music at Fries Moravian Church, will share his experience and knowledge.

Lectionary Planning, with Amanda Schumpert and Lane Sapp (Thursday afternoon): The Rt. Rev. Lane Sapp is pastor of Calvary Moravian Church, where Amanda Schumpert is Director of Music and Christian Education. The two will explore how the pastor and music director can work in perfect harmony to plan worship that develops the insights of the lectionary-assigned scripture readings for the day.

Music for Contemporary Blended Worship, with Thomas Baucom (Thursday afternoon):

Beginning Conducting, with Drake Flynt (Monday and Tuesday afternoons): Two sessions for the beginning conductor: basic beat patterns, starting and stopping a group, and the basics of expressive conducting.

Advanced Conducting 1, with John Sinclair (Monday and Tuesday afternoons): Two sessions for the more advanced conductor, focusing on techniques of expressive conducting and working with various ensembles.

For Handbell Directors and Players

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning, with Deborah Rice (Tuesday afternoon): Handbells continue to evolve as an instrument of worship. This session will “start at the very beginning”, with set up, basic assignments and up to date tips and tools for techniques and healthy ringing

Becoming Team Players through Critical Listening, with Deborah Rice (Thursday afternoon): Critical listening represents an area of essential skills that directors and ringers navigate together in order to become a stronger team. Attendees will participate as ringers exploring how to: create the best group sound, execute dynamics, highlight melodies and shape musical phrases.

For Anyone!

Composer Lecture, with Nola Knouse (Monday afternoon, repeated on Thursday afternoon): Stories and insights into the composers and music to be introduced this week, far more than can fit into a printed program book!