Choral Concert Programs

Choral Music for 25th Moravian Music Festival, July 23-29, 2017

All programs are subject to change!

For Monday evening: An Elegant Evening

Organ prelude – Summer (Communion) from Salem Seasons   Margaret Vardell Sandresky (2010)

Let the Word of Christ ♪                                                     Johann Friedrich Peter (1746-1813)

                       Ms. Bowen, Ms. Siebert, Mr. Sidden, Mr. Gardner

Kindlein, bleibet bey Ihm                                                   Johann Friedrich Peter (1746-1801)

                                                         Ms. Kyriakos and Mr. Sidden

Ich will ihnen wie ein Thau seyn                                                 Christian Gregor (1723-1801)

                                                     Ms. Wilson and Ms. Kyriakos

Tief anbetend hier im Staube ♫                                               Antonio Rosetti (c. 1750-1792)

Ms. Siebert and Mr. Siebert

Wenn dereinst von Thränen müde ♫                                       Antonio Rosetti (c. 1750-1792)

                       Ms. Wilson

Wenn dereinst von Thränen müde ♪                                 Karl Gottlieb Reissiger (1798-1859)

                                      Ms. Kyriakos, Ms. Siebert, Mr. Sidden, Mr. Gardner

Siciliano and Rondo ♫                                                Ètienne François Gebauer (1777-1823)

from Trio in G, Opus 19/1                                                   Edited by Isaac Weber (2016)

Morgenstern auf finstre Nacht ♪                                                 Ernst Julius Otto (1804-1877)

                                                        Ms. Bowen and Mr. Salzwedel

Gracious Lord! Thou God of Love                            Christian Ignatius Latrobe (1758-1836)

                                             Ms. Wilson, Mr. Siebert, and Mr. Salzwedel

Solo, clarinet and basso ♪                                                                                          Anonymous

Edited by David Blum (2014)

                                                               [clarinet] and [cello]

Auf Seele, auf und säume nicht ♪                                Christian David Jaeschke (1755-1827)

Edited by Nola Reed Knouse (2010)

                                                          Ms. Bowen and Ms. Wilson

Wer dem Herrn anhänget ♪                                           Johann Christian Geisler (1729-1815)

                          Ms. Kyriakos, Ms. Siebert, Mr. Siebert, and Mr. Gardner

Postlude – Autumn from Salem Seasons           Margaret Vardell Sandresky (2010)

Jubilate: “Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving.” (Psalm 95)

For Wednesday evening: Anthem Sing with the Moramus Chorale (some sung by Moramus, others by congregation)

Seek Ye the Lord                                                   Massah M. Warner (1836-1900)

Sing, O Ye Heavens                                               Johann Friedrich Peter (1746-1813)

Be Thou Exalted

And Yet Believe                                                    Brian Henkelmann

For God So Loved the World                          Johannes Herbst

Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates                             Francis Florentine Hagen (1815-1907)

Holy, Holy, Holy                                                         Heinrich Lonas (1838-1903)

Nothing Can Separate Us                                      Jill B. Bruckart

Thou Child Divine                                                   James Bates

Behold, O There’s a Sight                                       Simon Peter (1743-1819)

Wounded Lamb                                                        Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Christ and Him Crucified                                       Nola Reed Knouse (2000)

God’s Gifts                                                                  Zach Bailey

Bless Each One                                                          Jill B. Bruckart (2005)

For Friday evening: Moravian Hymns, Anthems, and Instrumental Music


It Is a Precious Thing ♪ Johannes Herbst

Two Solos for Soprano                                    Johannes Herbst

        One Alone Is Your Master

        When Children Relinquish Their Mortal Bodies

Lamb of God ♪ Ernst Immanuel Erbe

Those Who Sow With Weeping ♪ Johann Friedrich Peter

Live in Harmony, One With Another ♪ Brian Henkelmann

High Lord of Sabaoth ♪ Dirk French

Now With Heart and Voice ♫ David Moritz Michael

Come Let Us Sing Ezechiel John Williams

I Sing for Joy in the Lord Jacob Van Vleck

God Is My Rock Johann Friedrich Peter