Chamber Ensembles

Chamber Ensembles will meet to rehearse early each day (or, as needed), during ensemble rehearsal time.

Meet Joni in the Saal of the Rondthaler Building (RB) (there are several smaller rooms for each group to use)   Map

8:30am – 9:15am

    * This is a collection of small ensembles you may join, or form, or create, in addition to your large ensemble (Chorus or Concert Band) 

Chamber Ensembles are self-driven and self-directed.

A coordinator ( Joni RoosP7192611 ) will assist with your needs for pianos, rooms, performance scheduling, etc.Chamber strings

Please plan and select music and musicians early in the week and check in with the coordinator upon arrival on Sunday, or no later than Tuesday at 1:00pm.

There may be opportunities to perform early in the week, in Devotions, or in the Thursday night program, or on Saturday morning, or just set up to play for your friends during lunch. Exact programs will not be known until Festival Week.



The Grays w Nola and Allen 1959-Festival-SoloistsP7192630Downey Moravian brass ensemble