1984 Festival June 17-24

The 15th Moravian Music Festival and Seminar was held June 17-24, 1984, on the campus of Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. Thomas Dunn was Festival choral/orchestral conductor, assisted by John Mochnick; and Jeffrey Reynolds was band director, with the aid of James Basta and Samuel Fort, Jr. Members of the Winston-Salem Symphony made up the Festival orchestra. Jean Blackwood and Margaret Kolb were rehearsal accompanists, and Susan Bates was organist and harpsichordist.

Guest artists included soprano Elizabeth Pruett, organist Susan Bates, oboist Joseph Robinson, pianist Clemens Sandresky, and pianist Eleanor Sandresky.

Public performances included …

  • Sunday, June 17, afternoon, organ recital by Susan Bates
  • Sunday, June 17, evening, Festival service of music, featuring Chorale – Variations: Built on a Rock the Church Doth Stand for mixed chorus, brass, and organ, commissioned by Christ Moravian Church in 1984
  • Monday, June 18, piano recital by Clemens Sandresky and Eleanor Sandresky, including the premiere performance of Margaret Vardell Sandresky’s Quiet Shining
  • Tuesday, June 19, the Salem Band
  • Wednesday, June 20, the “Salem Collegium Musicum”, featuring chamber music for winds and strings
  • Friday, June 22, the Thor Johnson Memorial Concert, for Festival chorus, soloist, strings, trombones, and organ, including On this Lovefeast Celebration by Robert Marek, the premiere performance of the Thor Johnson Living Tribute anthem
  • Saturday, June 23, Festival band concert in the Salem College amphitheater
  • Saturday evening, June 23, Festival chorus, soprano solo, orchestra, and organ
  • Sunday, June 24, closing Festival service at the Stevens Center, for chorus, soprano solo, orchestra, trombones, and harpsichord

The seminar faculty included

  • Martha Asti, The Contribution of Gregor
  • James Basta, Moravian Band Workshop
  • Rev. Barbara Brokoff, Preaching Workshop
  • Rev. C. Daniel Crews, Moravian Worship Resource Book
  • Mry Lou Kapp, Organ Workshop
  • Albert B. McClanahan, Choral Workshop
  • Jeffrey Reynolds, The Trombone in Moravian Life
  • Rev. James V. Salzwedel, Handbell Workshop
  • W. Thomas Smith, Hymnody Workshop
  • Gordon P. Spice, The Contribution of Gebhard

Carol and I. B. Southerland III served as Festival co-chairs, working with seminar co-chairs John Giesler and James V. Salzwedel. James Boeringer was Music Director, Sarah Crews was Festival secretary, and Ronald Hendrix was treasurer, along with an extensive committee of dedicated volunteers!