Festival Facilities and Venues

25th Moravian Music Festival Places & Spaces

The 25th Moravian Music Festival will be centered around Home Moravian, Calvary Moravian, and Trinity Moravian churches, and on the campuses of Salem College and Winston-Salem State University (scroll down for photos). The majority of housing will be in the McHugh Sisters Flats (see below); these, and other options, are discussed on the “Area Hotels” page.

Rehearsals, small ensembles, and workshops will have space in the Home Church buildings.

Home Church details available on the Facility Guide page.

The Sanctuary entrance is pictured here. This is the front of the church in Salem, at the northeast corner of the square.

Home Church front lawn

Home Moravian Church (Salem, in Winston-Salem)


Home Church sanctuary

Home Church sanctuary

This building is the Rondthaler building and rooms are noted as “RB.” The Saal is just to the left (north) of the sanctuary and uses the same entrance as the church offices. Church office is open each weekday, front desk staffed by a volunteer, should you have difficulty with access or a locked door.



This building is the Christian Education building and rooms are noted as “CE.”   The fellowship hall is the lowest level of CE.



The Concert Band will perform in Calvary Church.

Calvary Sanctuary

Calvary Moravian Church

The Elegant Evening Concert will be at Trinity Church.

Trinity Sanctuary

Trinity Moravian Church (NC)

Trinity Window

Trinity (Stained Glass Window)

The Festival Chorus Concert will be at Williams Auditorium on the campus of Winston-Salem State University, just about 1/2 mile east of Salem.


WS university-KR Williams auditorium

K R Williams Auditorium – WSSU

Housing on campus.

McHugh Sisters Flats (Salem College)

McHugh Sisters Flats (Salem College)

Some workshops and sessions will be at the home of the Moravian Music Foundation:

AKD Center

Archie K Davis Center, Moravian Music Foundation and Moravian Archives