Festival Orchestra

Final 2013 Choral Concert


Festival Orchestra accompanies the Festival Chorus and serves at the pleasure of Maestro John Sinclair, Festival Conductor. This ensemble is professional level, with its rehearsals and repertoire centering around the Friday night Festival Chorus and Orchestra Concert at Williams Auditorium, Winston-Salem State University.

If you are a Moravian musician, performing at a high level, you may apply to join the Festival Orchestra for Festival week. Please send your resume to nola@moravianmusic.org or erik@moravianmusic.org or to inquire about specifics.   The orchestra will consist of a string quartet at the core with other instruments as required by the repertoire. Jeff Whitsett will contract the orchestra from area professionals to round out needs not met by Festival participants.

Many of the anthems written by Moravian composers are fully scored for strings and winds, and sometimes, brass.

The Chorus will have a rehearsal accompanist, as well, and some anthems may be accompanied by organ.

chorus w orchestra

2013 Choral Concert

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